The News......Whats Up!


What a GREAT show yesterday!!! Here are the results for our team.

Taylor Wells was 2nd in Varsity Open O/F, and 5th in Varsity Open Flat. 

Lauren Holland was  6th in Varsity Open O/F. 

Laura Schettler was 1st in Varsity Intermediate Flat, 2nd in Varsity Intermediate O/F, and won the Horsemanship test. 

Jenna Friedrichs was 2nd in JV Novice Flat, 3rd in JV Novice O/F, and 5th in the Horsemanship Test. 

Avery Dixon was 1st in JV Novice O/F and 6th in JV Novice Flat.

Madison McAlpine was 1st in JV Beginner WTC. 

Claire Starling was 5th in JV Beginner WTC, and was 4th in the Horsemanship Test.

High School was Reserve Champion out of 11 Teams.

Sage Cawley was 4th in Future Varsity Intermediate Flat, 1st in Future Varsity Intermediate O/F, and was 2nd in the Horsemanship test.
Allison Kelly was 1st in Future JV Novice Flat. 

Kaitlin Hauck was 3rd in Future JV Beginner WTC. 

Brooke Labrusciano was 2nd in Future JV Beginner WTC, and was 5th in the Horsemanship Test. 

Katie Flom was 3rd in Future JV Beginner WTC. 

Shannon Goldy was 4th in Future JV Beginner WTC.

Middle School was Reserve Champion out of 8 teams!


And was our host show so special thank you to our co-hosting teams East Cobb and South Forsyth and ALL the parents of all the teams who worked so hard Friday and Saturday to make the day run well.

Thanks again to all the sponsors and everyone who contributed to the bake sale.  We'll have those totals by our next meeting.  Don't forget to have the girls selling their tickets for the gift card tree raffle!


2019/2020 Kickoff Camp

The season is now upon us and camp was held at Hillmar on Aug 3-4.  The girls worked on many skills both on the ground and under saddle. 


History of the Team

The first team was established in 2008 training at Rising Fawn Farm with Cindy Murch as our coach. We then moved to Pleasant Hill Farm with coach, Karen Kerby in 2009. 

We had 10 great years with Pleasant Hill and Karen as she retired.  Which brings us to this year (2018) at Hillmar Farm with coach Megan Owens.

A Note from Megan @ Hillmar

Don't forget that November is No Stirrup month. Hee Hee Hee

OH and DON"T cut your corners!  Here's Why.