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2019/2020 Kickoff Camp

The season is now upon us and camp was held at Hillmar on Aug 3-4.  The girls worked on many skills both on the ground and under saddle.  Click Here for a few of the pictures.

The Zones Experience...........

Jenna, Laura, Allison and coach Megan made the trip to Pensacola Florida to compete at Zones.  The quality of the horses, show grounds and staff were top notch.  

It was some very stiff competition and the girls represented the team very well, but didn't bring home any ribbons.  The girls all seem to agree that this experience has better prepared them for Zones next year.  They know what to expect next time.

It's been an amazing, successful season.  All the girls have worked extremely hard and many, many thanks to the parents and families who have supported the team.

We will see everyone at the awards banquet on Sunday April 14......check the calendar for details.


We are going to Zones in Florida March 23!

The girls at Regionals had some really tough competition.  The day was filled with really HIGH highs and heart wrenching lows.  Overall they represented the team extremely well.   Here are the results:

Maizy Abel finished 4th in Varsity Open O/F; 

Laura Schettler finished 5th in J.V Novice on the flat and 3rd in J.V Novice O/F.  Laura also got 1st in the Horsemanship test qualifying her to Zones.

Jenna Friedrichs got 1st in JV beginner, qualifying her for Zones.

Allison Kelly was 2nd in the Horsemanship Class, qualifying her for Zones.

Can't say THANK YOU enough for the team mates and parents who traveled down to Conyers to support these girls.  

CONGRATULATIONS....Qualifiers going to Regionals Feb 9

Everyone on the team worked hard and had an amazing season.  GREAT JOB! Although the team didn't qualify as a whole, there are a few who qualified as individuals to compete at Regionals in Conyers!

Lauren & Laura will compete in JV Novice Jumping and on the Flat

Maizy will compete in Varsity Open over fences

Jenna will compete in JV Beginner on the flat

Allison will compete in Future Beginner on the flat

Laura, Allison & Sage qualified for the Horsemanship Test

Show Results for January 12

Maizy was 6th on the flat

Mary ws 4th in Varsity Intermediate

Peyton was 5th on the flat

Laura was 2nd in jumping

Laura was 3rd on the flat

Waiting to hear if there is Horsemanship results : )

Show Results for January 5

Peyton was 2nd in flat

Avery was 4th in WT and 5th in WTC

Jenna was 1st in WT and 1st in WTC

Laura was 3rd jumping and 3rd flatting

Emily was 1st flatting

Lauren was 2nd jumping and 4th Flat (qualified for regionals!)

Kaitlin was 5th in WT and 5th in WTC

Brooke was 6th in WT and 6th in WTC 

Allison was 3rd in WT and 3rd in WTC 

Sage was 6th jumping and 5th in the flat 

Allison was 2nd, Laura was 3rd and ??? was 5th on the Horsemanship Test

Show Results for December 15

 Maizy- 1st Varisty Open o/f and 2nd Varsity Open Flat

(Qualified for Regions Jumping!)

Mary- 1st Varsity Intermediate  o/f and 1st Flat

Peyton- 2nd Varsity Intermediate Flat 

Emily- 6th JV Novice Flat (6th horsemanship)

Lauren- 3rd JV O/F and 4th JV flat

Laura- 1st JV novice O/f (won horsemanship) [qualified for Regionals o/f]

Avery-4th in WTC

Jenna- 5th in WTC and 4th in WT

Sage- 3rd in Future JV Novice o/f and 6th in the Flat

Allison- 1st in WTC and 3rd in WT (2nd in horsemanship)

Shannon- 6th in WTC and 1st in WT 

Kaitlin-5th in WTC

Brooke & Shannon placed on the Horsemanship Test

High school Finished Reserve Champion

Middle School Finished 3rd


Show Results for Dec 2

Great job by all the girls this past weekend. The second place finish puts the team at a total of 10 team points towards the 20 they need to qualify for Regionals. 
8206 Points to Qualify - 

Hunt Seat 8206.1 Hunt Seat teams qualify for Regional or Zone Finals (in zones not split into regions), or National Finals (for instances in which a Zone Final team competition is not needed) by accumulating twenty (20) points during the competition year. 
8206.2 Riders in Hunt Seat Zones 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 qualify for Regional Finals by accumulating a minimum of eighteen (18) points in that class during the competition year.

And thanks to all of our parents for making this a successful season so far, the team could not function without each and everyone of you contributing to the team.
Thanks again,

Here are the individual results:

Maizy- 2nd o/f 3rd flat

Peyton 2nd flat

Lauren- 5th o/f 2nd flat

Emily- 2nd o/f 5th flat

Laura- 1st o/f 2nd flat

Jenna- 2nd 9x 1st WTC(qualified for regionals!) WOOHOO!

Kaitlin- 3rd 12x/ 2nd WTC

Allison- 4th 12x/ 3rd WTC (qualified for regionals!) WOOHOO!

Shannon- 2nd 12x

Brooke-6th 12x

Sage- 2nd flat


1st Emily Patterson

3rd Laura Schettler

5th Shannon Goldy

Show Results for Nov 25

We had another great IEA show at Wills Park.   This was one of our co-host shows where we had the opportunity to raise money for the team by running the concession area and hold a gift basket raffle.  Thanks to all the parents who put countless hours into the planning, donating items, baking goods and volunteering to make it a success.

Here are the results:


Maizy got 6th in Varsity open Flat

Mary got 3rd Varsity Intermediate Flat and was 4th o/f

Laura was 1st JV novice X-rails and 1st in JV flat

Emily Was 5th in x-rails and 3rd in flat

Lauren was 6th in x-rails and 2nd in the flat

Avery was 5th in 9x and 4th in WTC

Jenna was 1st in 9x and 1st in WTC

Shannon was 1st in 12x and and 6th in WTC

Allison was 2st in 12x, 1st in WTC and 1st in the Horsemanship test

Kaitlin was 5th in 12x and 5th in WTC

Brooke was 6th in 12x and 6th in WTC

Sage was 3rd in Xrails and 6th in the flat

Don't forget to check the IEA site for current point standings for the team and on each member.


1st Show Results 10/27

Wow!!! These girls did AMAZING today.  As a team, we were 3rd in overall total points in both the high school and middle school.  This is a great start towards going to Zones & Regional.  We just can't express how proud we are of ALL the girls.  They show up at 6:30 am, clean stalls, feed and groom horses, saddle up, hurry and wait.  Then 10 to 12 hours later after riding, caring for horses, and cheering on their teammates, they pack it all up and head home.  It's a super long day for riders, family & friends, but it's a labor of love.  None of this would be possible without all the support of the parents!  You Rock!  And let's not forget our fearless Coach Megan......thank you all.

Results for the team:

High School:

Maizy Abel - Flat Class 2nd Place & Jumping 2'6" 1st place 

Mary DeCook - Jumping 2" 1st place

Avery Dixon - Flat Class (W/T) 6th place  & Flat (W/T/C) 6th place

Jenna Friedrichs - Flat Class (W/T) 1st place & Flat Class (W/T/C) 1st place

Peyton Karandjeff - Horsemanship Test 5th place

Emily Patterson - Flat Class 6th place & Cross Rails 4th place

Lauren Macer - Flat Class 5th place

Middle School:

Sage Cawley - Flat Class 4th place & Jumping Crossrails 1st place

Shannon Goldy -  Flat Class (W/T) 6th place
Kaitlin Hauck -  Flat Class (W/T/C) 6th Place

Allison Kelly - Flat Class (W/T) 1st Place & Flat (w/T/C) & Horsemanship Test 4th Place

Truck or Treat Raffle



on winning the Raffle:

Wendi Hauck won gift tree A

Darlene McBrayer Won gift tree B

Thank you to our sponsors and participants in the raffle & sock sale!!!! We raised $661.

for the West Forsyth Equestrian Team.......WooHoo!

Gift Basket A will have:                     Gift Basket B will have:

$50 – Marlow’s Tavern                     $50 - Teds Montana Grill

$50 – Ichiban                               $50 - Carrabba's

$25 – Jim & Nick’s .                         $50 - Ichiban

$25 – Andretti’s                             $25 - Rosati's Pizza

$25 – Rosati’s Pizza                         $25 - Cheeky

$25 – Cheeky                                $15 - Red Robin

$15 – Red Robin

History of the Team

The first team was established in 2008 training at Rising Fawn Farm with Cindy Murch as our coach. We then moved to Pleasant Hill Farm with coach, Karen Kerby in 2009. 

We had 10 great years with Pleasant Hill and Karen as she retired.  Which brings us to this year (2018) at Hillmar Farm with coach Megan Owens.

A Note from Megan @ Hillmar

Don't forget that November is No Stirrup month. Hee Hee Hee

OH and DON"T cut your corners!  Here's Why.